1. Keep Warm

We all know how Cold it can get being in the Northern Hemisphere, but by staying active in Winter this will help to raise your core temperature, at first that cold frosty air will definitely be a shock to your system, but by getting the body moving and that blood pumping will definitely help raise body temperature.  Which will help save a little money on that dreaded electric bill!

2. Beat The Winter Blues

Winter can be a drag! In the Morning it's Dark! It's Cold! It's Miserable! BUT... By staying active you release endorphins Serotonin and Dopamine (that feel good hormone), giving you a break from the daily grind of work and stress. Studies have shown that Increased levels of exercise will guarantee to get you in a happier mood and increase your energy all round.

3. Enjoying Your "Comfort Food"

We all know winter is a time for those hearty warming feasts being brought in from the kitchen, Feel less guilty when consuming those calories, the calorific foods can be your friend to keep warm in these cold months providing you are burning those calories through activity and exercise.

We know that summer bodies are made in the kitchen which makes it all the more reason to burn those calories and get yourself off to a racing start!

4. Improves your Sleep

Studies have shown that Exercise can help improve your sleep quality overall and lower your cortisol levels (That horrible stress hormone), giving you that deep sleep that you enjoy in the warmth of your bed in winter!

Getting that deep sleep has so many benefits giving you the best essentials for your optimal health, including helping to boost your immune system (useful to steer clear from those dreaded cold/flu virus's), supports your cardiac function as well as reducing the stress and anxiety brought on by everyday life.

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5. Your Halfway to Summer!

Does this sound familiar? You have a holiday booked in the summer yet think 'ah..I have plenty of time to drop this Christmas bulge.. I'll start Monday', say that 8 times thats 2 months gone, why wait until 1 month before your holiday, start now! So then you don't have that rush of getting that beach body you deserve! As much as we would love that quick fix, unfortunately I'm sorry to say, there are none! Results take time, so reduce the pressure on yourself by starting now and you will get the results you want!

6. Improves Mental Health

Did you know that exercising as little as 15-45 mins 3 times per week can drastically reduce your stress levels and anxiety which we all suffer with from time to time, especially in todays current climate. 

Exercise has even shown to beat mild to moderate depression, due to the release of endorphins in to the body making you feel great and giving a feeling of achievement after breaking a sweat.

The human body is the greatest tool we have to helping ourselves with the feelings of happiness and contentment, 

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7. Lose That Christmas Bulge

Still struggling to burn off those added Christmas and New Year pounds?

Exercise shows us that just 30-60 mins of combined strength and conditioning can drastically help in shifting those frustrating numbers that you see on the scales in the morning, all the more reason to get started now!

8. Will help increase Water intake

One of the most important parts of the season is to stay hydrated in those cold winter months, it is very easy to get dehydrated.  Due to the colder weather, the feeling of thirst and needing to drink drops as oppose to summer where as your body temperature raises and you sweat you need to replenish your body fluids.

By exercising you help to raise your bodies temperature which keeps you warm but also gives you the thirst to drink and stay hydrated.

9. Stay Healthy!

Winter is the one season where all those enemies come out to play, those horrible Cold's, Flu's and virus's hit you like Anthony Joshua hitting a bag, by exercising and choosing a healthy lifestyle you not only expend energy burning calories, but you also boost your immune system due to the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise, as well as an overall decrease in blood pressure, a combination of all these benefits make it so much easier for your body to fight off infection, so to keep those virus's away exercise today!