Ida and I joined the London Fit Club when they opened their doors in 2016. We enjoy their kettlebell, HIIT, barbell and core & flex classes which take place in the morning and evening. It provides a good mixture between strength and conditioning. Coco, Mike and Hassan have a really good way of getting the most out of us and we have made some new gym buddies which is an added bonus. Training is never boring as we always do different workouts.


In summer 2017, we signed up for the Personal Training – Body Transformation program in a bid to tone up and lose some of the stubborn belly fat. We are very happy with the results- our overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time. I doubled on almost all my lifts and Ida is now able to perform exercises she would never have attempted on her own. The London Fit Club offers PT sessions for couples which we found to be a lot of fun.


We would wholeheartedly recommend the London Fit Club to anyone- regardless of fitness level.

Ida C
Thomas N

Highly recommend London fit club! I started training with them back in April looking for help with rehabilitation and strengthening training for my lower back injury. I had seriously injured my back 6 months prior and was unable to exercise without severe pain. Now, In only 4 months of training with them I can say I'm pain free, feeling stronger than ever and now can't wait to get back to full fitness! I could not have done it without all the guys! I'm looking forward to the next 4 months with London for club!

Hannah G

Great coaches and fantastic gym! They keep track of your progress and keep you motivated! I have joined the gym 5 months ago and I can really see my progress. They are always very positive, professional and fun. I always finish my training session happy! They also gave me great recommendations with the food! They do provide meals to help you and it is delicious and healthy!I highly recommend the London Fit Club, they are the best!

Louise E

Fab, personal and friendly service. They helped me get through a marathon and a 100 mile bike ride with no injuries! I've just completed a 6 week training and nutrition programme to help me with some problems with my back and knees, and it has helped me to improve both areas. I have also dropped a dress size and feel full of energy. The trainers are great and are really professional.

Caireen M

I would recommend this service for rehabilitation after an injury or poor health. Really friendly and knowledgeable team. After two and a half years of NHS physiotherapy, this service has enabled me to strengthen my hip and back beyond what I was able to achieve in a reactive and underfunded NHS. I am so grateful for their expertise and persistence in supporting my recovery.

Lorna R

Mike was fantastic at getting me back on track following an ankle injury. Both he and Hassan were brilliant at assessing what my body needed and tailoring the training to that. I can’t recommend them highly enough and hope to get back soon for some more serious training!

Charlotte T

Since I've trained at The London Fit Club, I've noticed a positive improvement with my back. No more pain! I feel stronger in my knees and feel fitter. I never thought strength and conditioning is so beneficial to the average person with back pain. If you sit at a desk all day, recovering from injury or get pains anywhere in your body - get yourself down here!!

Catherine D