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Hassan is the founder of the London fit club and has been a personal trainer since 2010.


He has over 22 years’ experience in Thai kickboxing and athletics, followed by a keen passion for swimming, strength and conditioning and functional training disciplines.


“Precision is key to performing and moving better”, which he promotes throughout his time spent with you.

He prides himself on his clients and the results he is able to provide them, with their efforts and his coaching the limits are endless.


A favourite quote of his is “There’s no better feeling than to watch a client grow from strength to strength, capitalising on their goals and achieving what they never thought possible”.

His mission is to – assist in changing the lives of the local community.

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Mike is the co-founder of The London Fit Club, and believes strongly in the company values; to inspire, to make the change and to live a long and healthy life.

Mike is a martial arts professional with over 27 years experience in this field; and has experienced many different martial arts, over the years Mike has competed in sports karate as well as practicing traditional, medalling in the Europeans, along with many other national and international competitions.

Mike coaches our kids Karate classes to children from 5 years plus and strives to do his best to educate the children he coaches to keep them on the right path and for them to work towards being the best that they can be.

Mike has been in the industry for the past 10 years, after a career change from working backstage in theatre and film and decided to follow his passion within fitness and sports, a passion he had long had from childhood.

A passionate trainer with one thing on his mind; you the client, he has a keen interest in the mechanics of the body and how movement plays a key part in improving your everyday lifestyle as well as improved performance in athletes.